Op-Ed: Jade Harlow should win 'Lead Actress' Emmy in a digital drama

Posted Apr 30, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Emmy award-winning actress Jade Harlow has been nominated for yet another well-deserved Emmy Award this year for her acting work in the popular digital drama series "The Bay."
Emmy award-winning actress Jade Harlow
Emmy award-winning actress Jade Harlow
Bjoern Kommerell
Particularly impressive about Harlow is that she is in the running for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Digital Drama Series" for her role as Lianna Ramos, and rightfully so. Last year, she took home the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series."
This past season, Harlow's acting work in The Bay on Amazon Prime has been quite stunning, and her performances have been too powerful to be ignored by Emmy voters. It truly showcases her wide range as a performer.
Compliments to the show's writing team for writing such strong material and for its exquisite story sequencing. We see Lianna trying to cope with grief after the tragic loss of her mother, Janice Ramos played by Lilly Melgar, and then she accidentally shoots her beau, Will Campbell, played by Derrell Whitt. Veteran actor A Martinez also appears as Nardo Ramos, who helps Lianna cope during this painful time in her life, in an effort to help her move on.
Harlow's scenes are intense, dark, controlled and heartbreaking. The actress is able to nail every scene she was in, and she was able to humanize her complex character. She was not afraid to be raw and vulnerable, and in the end, her vulnerability is the viewer's reward.
To learn more about The Bay, check out its official website and its Facebook page.
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