Review: Madonna and Maluma release visually striking video for 'Medellín' Special

Posted Apr 24, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On April 24, pop queen Madonna and Latin pop star Maluma released their brand new music video for "Medellín," which is a true work of art.
Madonna and Maluma release  Medellín
Madonna and Maluma release 'Medellín'
Andy Lecompte, ID-PR
This music video transports its viewers to different realms and makes them feel like they are watching a short film. The song is a track on Madonna's forthcoming studio album, Madame X, which will be released on June 14, 2019. "Medellín" was co-produced by Mirwais. This song pays homage to a Colombian city where Maluma was born.
Spanish photographer and filmmaker Diana Kunst and Mau Morgó did an exceptional job directing this music video, which takes place in a mystical world, which helps bring Madge's upcoming studio album to life. It fuses pop and dance music with Latin overtones and it works quite well. It is the quintessential tune and music video to help kick off the summer season.
This music video will certainly get fans stimulated and eager to see their upcoming performance of "Medellín" at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1, 2019. Knowing Madonna, it is bound to be a show-stopping moment. The song is available on iTunes and on Spotify.
The Verdict
Overall, Madonna and Maluma deliver on their brand new music video for "Medellín." Madonna proves yet again that she is a league of her own from a creative and artistic standpoint. This new music video will resonate well with her fans and viewers, and with the help of Maluma, they can introduce each other's music to more diverse audiences.
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