Innovation takes center stage at first Toronto blockchain event

Posted Apr 4, 2019 by Tim Sandle
Toronto is rapidly emerging as a major blockchain industry hub. This has led to the first blockchain conference to be convened in the city to be organized. The event will run between April 22 and 28th, 2019.
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way / Pexels
At the event software developers, startups, established companies, technology researchers, and investors will come together to participate in the first Toronto Blockchain Week. The event will not only allow deals to be struck and new products to be showcased, it also marks Toronto’s growing global importance in the blockchain sector.
The past few years have seen a number of companies focus on changing business models as blockchain begins to transform market structures. Consequently, scalability and performance of blockchains will become a critical issue, and there will be further technological advancements. It is these changes that the Toronto event aims to capture, from the Canadian perspective.
Some drivers for the increased interest in blockchain technology include transparency, immutability, faster transactions. and the reduced total cost of ownership. While this will cut across a number of business interests, payments applications hold the largest share of the blockchain market, and the fastest growing area is around the supply chain space.
In relation to the Toronto event, Toronto Blockchain Week co-founder Addison Cameron-Huff states: “Toronto’s tech sector is a big deal economically and intellectually, as a city we are eclipsing other major North American tech hubs. This is in part a direct response to the concentration of blockchain talent. TBW is an overdue celebration of our startups, enterprises and research networks.”
The week of activities will be structured around two international conferences, which book-end the beginning and end of the week, and a 48-hour Blockchain hackathon. The week is free to attend and will feature around 40 community led "meetups"; plus a series of workshops, parties and opportunities to network and learn about blockchain.