Review: Steve Grand tugs at the heart on 'Disciple' music video Special

Posted Mar 27, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Singer-songwriter Steve Grand has released his powerful new music video for "Disciple." Grand is not afraid to showcase his vulnerability as an artist, and he lets it all out.
Steve Grand
Steve Grand
Mark Pollard
The lyrics and the music were written by Grand, who also co-produced the song with Tim Palmer. Grand played the majority of the instruments including piano, bass, keyboard (strings and synth), as well as the percussion, with Palmer on electric guitar.
The song is the third track featured on his Not the End of Me album. His song's music video helps bring "Disciple" to a higher level, where the listener is watching a short film (which spans almost six minutes in duration). One cannot help but feel for the male narrator as he succumbs to alcohol to drench his sorrows away. The video allows us to get into the conscience of the narrator, where he is an ambivalent state of mind.
Grand wrote the tune at the height when he faced many difficulties in life all at the same time. At the time, he was trying to work through the pain and the hurt which had followed him from his childhood days. The song and the video both evoke raw emotions, and they will resonate well with his viewers and listeners.
Not the End of Me is available on iTunes and on Spotify.
The Verdict
Overall, Steve Grand's music video for "Disciple" is one of his best videos to date, and the same holds true for this poignant song. He continues to be one of the most underrated male artists in the music scene. "Disciple" garners an A rating.
To learn more about singer-songwriter Steve Grand and "Disciple," check out his official website.