Review: Ben Platt sings about 'Temporary Love' in moving new music video Special

Posted Mar 8, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Grammy and Tony award-winning artist Ben Platt ("Dear Evan Hanson") is back with his new music video for "Temporary Love."
Actor and singer Ben Platt
Actor and singer Ben Platt
Julian Broad
The music video for "Temporary Love" is the continuation of a trilogy of videos that Platt released over the last month. Similar to the previous videos, "Temporary Love" was directed by Nick Lieberman, who once again did a brilliant job.
"Temporary Love" is available on iTunes and on Spotify. It is featured as the third track on his forthcoming studio album, Sing to Me Instead, which will be released on March 29 via the record label Atlantic Records.
Fans that enjoyed "Grow As We Go," "Ease My Mind" and "Bad Habit" will certainly be moved by "Temporary Love."
The Verdict
Overall, "Temporary Love" is another gem on Sing to Me Instead, which bound to be a promising album judging from the four tracks that he already released. Once again, Ben Platt is not afraid to be vulnerable as he sings about heartbreak. His music is meaningful and it tugs at the heart. His music video for "Temporary Love" garners two giant thumbs up.