Exclusive premiere: Tyler Jordan releases new country song 'Back' Special

Posted Mar 7, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On Thursday, March 7, rising country singer-songwriter Tyler Jordan premieres his new song "Back" exclusively on Digital Journal.
Country artist Tyler Jordan
Country artist Tyler Jordan
Hunter Berry
An up-and-coming country artist, Jordan chatted with Digital Journal about the new song. Jordan exclaimed that "Back" was one of the most fun night that he ever had writing a song. He noted that Stephen Kirk and Gary Baker are "good friends" of his, and having them be a part of this song meant so much to him.
Jordan and his fellow songwriters spent that entire night staying up late and working on the tune. "I hope it connects to people the way we intended it to," Jordan said.
He added that "everybody has relationships that get in rough patches and sometimes kicking it 'back' to just like when you first started off together is all that you need to rekindle that fire you have."
His biggest musical influences include such artists as Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Doug McCormick, and Drake White.
To learn more about emerging country singer-songwriter Tyler Jordan and his new song "Back," check out his official website and his Facebook page.