Hulu will start running ads during pause breaks this spring

Posted Jan 31, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
On January 31, it was reported that the streaming service Hulu will start running advertisements in pause breaks this spring.
A Hulu booth at OSCON 2013
A Hulu booth at OSCON 2013
Garrett Heath (CC BY 2.0)
When viewers hit pause during a binge, the streaming service will show them advertisements from popular brands. These ads will be for select shows and films. The streaming service noted that the intentions of these new ads are to be "non-intrusive." Examples of these ads will include Coca-Cola commercials and Charmin toilet paper. This will give the viewer a break from binge-watching such popular web series as The Handmaid's Tale, starring Elisabeth Moss.
It was clarified that the pause break advertisements will appear for Hulu subscribers that have the basic plan. The streaming service reported that these new commercials were well-received with customers during their testing phase.
AT&T's upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service is also expected to feature ads.
According to Variety, Hulu has more leeway to test advertisements unlike its streaming service rivals Netflix and Amazon. Hulu offers various subscriptions, where the more expensive subscriptions are available to those consumers who do not want to watch any commercials.
At the moment, Netflix does not have any advertisements on its streaming service. On the other hand, Amazon has permitted banner advertisements to appeal on selection screens and its runs several video commercials while "Thursday Night Football" is being streamed; moreover, Netflix and Amazon have both allowed product placement in several of their online series.
To learn more about Hulu, check out its official website.