Misty Rowe talks 50th anniversary of 'Hee Haw,' Kornfield Friends Special

Posted Jan 20, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
Veteran actress Misty Rowe ("Hee Haw" and "Happy Days") chatted with Digital Journal about the 50th anniversary of "Hee Haw."
Misty Rowe of  Hee Haw  and  Happy Days
Misty Rowe of 'Hee Haw' and 'Happy Days'
Photo courtesy of Misty Rowe
"I am glad I am still alive," Rowe said with a sweet laugh, about the 50-year anniversary of Hee Haw. "That is an achievement for everybody involved, especially Buck Owens, Roy Clark, as well as our creators and our producers. What a legacy they have left us with."
Rowe starred on Hee Haw for 19 years, where she did a total of 496 shows, as well as 26 shows in the spin-off Hee Haw Honeys.
She is on tour with Kornfield Friends, alongside Jana Jae, Lulu Roman, and Buck Trent. she said, "It is so much fun. What a hoot. We have Roy Clark's bus and his band. What an amazing band. I get to start the show as Minnie Pearl now since I've known her for years."
On the impact of technology on the music business, Rowe said, "I need my 26-year-old daughter to teach me all about it. She goes 'Mom, you need to get into the modern age.' I tell her I'm classic country."
At the same time, Rowe noted the resurgence of vinyl. "My daughter loves vinyl. She loves the vinyl records. She bought a record player when she was in college and she called me on the phone asking how it plays. I told her she needs to put the needs down on the record while the record is going around," she said, with a sweet laugh. "She found it in an antique store and she thought it was the coolest thing. A record player is so retro. I taught my daughter how to use the record player and she taught me how to text. It's a good combination of talents that we exchanged."
Rowe shared that she is all for the passage of the Music Modernization Act. "As an actress, I've been in unions for a long time. Now, I direct and I still act, and I think that people's creations need to be protected and not bootlegged. Otherwise, how will our artists make a living, and how will they be repaid for their time and their artistry? It takes a lot to put a record together. There are so many people, lives and talent involved," she said.
She acknowledged that Hee Haw is still on reruns on RFD-TV, and it is their most popular show. "I am quite pleased with that," she said. "Hee Haw opened so many doors for me. I've done 100 other TV shows because of Hee Haw. It has been a great career. I am very blessed."
Rowe defined the word success as follows: "to be able to live with a career and the people that you want."
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