Review: 'Love Interrupted' is a brilliant short film by Cameron Denny Special

Posted Jan 11, 2019 by Markos Papadatos
"Love Interrupted" is a short film written and directed by Cameron Denny. It is presented by 42 Films in association with Absinthe Productions.
Actor and director Cameron Denny
Actor and director Cameron Denny
Adina Doria
The film starts with flashbacks with Denny (starring as Dillon) and his significant other in happier times. Then, his former lover comes over his house to collect her things, and he is seen drowning his sorrows with alcohol. She urges him to get sober, take his medications, in an effort to regain his self-control. He tackles the breakdowns scenes with conviction. The character subsequently falls in love with Kate, who is played by Caylie Rae Kalmbach.
Equally remarkable is Donnell Turner and his portrayal of the bartender, who is a revelation in this film. Turner triumphs as the voice of reason, who inspires the lovesick man to seek help from a psychiatrist played by Pamela Burrus (who served as executive producer of the movie).
The Verdict
Overall, Cameron Denny has done a superb job, writing and directing this film. Each scene feels like a puzzle piece, where the audience is given hints/clues on how the story will unfold, and it is filled with a great deal of suspense. Love Interrupted commands the viewer's attention for its entire duration. Towards the end, the audience will be drenched in a wide range of raw emotions.
This film is significant and relevant from a social standpoint, especially for anybody who is dependent on alcohol, and it encourages them to reach out and seek counseling and help. All actors delivered noteworthy and bravura performances, especially Denny, Turner, and Burrus. It is highly recommended, and it garners an A rating.
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