Review: Richard Schroder releases new country single 'Almost an Angel' Special

Posted Oct 23, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On October 15, Boston-based Nashville recording artist Richard Schroder released his new country single, "Almost an Angel."
Richard Schroder
Richard Schroder
Cameron Powell
His song "Almost an Angel" is a track on his forthcoming EP, Skyline, which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Matt McClure, whose track record includes working with such country artists as Lee Brice and Kellie Pickler; moreover, "Almost an Angel" is the lead single from Skyline, which will be released early in 2019.
"Almost an Angel" is country as grits, and it is the quintessential love tune. The song has a chunky riff, and it stands out due to its dueling guitar solos. Most importantly, the song's poignant lyrics pay a vivid picture in the minds of his country fans and listeners.
"Her feet barely touch the ground, my whole world revolves around my baby," Schroder sings in the opening verse, in his rich, baritone voice." "Golden sunlight in her hair, everyone who sees her swears, she could be... almost an angel."
Richard Schroder's "Almost an Angel" is available on Amazon and on iTunes.
The Verdict
Overall, Richard Schroder delivers on his new single "Almost an Angel." He proves to be an underrated, talented artist in the country genre. "Almost an Angel" garners four out of five stars.
To learn more about country sensation Richard Schroder, check out his official website.