Chatting with DJ Mike Savage: 2019 'Best of Long Island' nominee Special

Posted Oct 6, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On October 5, DJ Mike Savage, the 90's Guru and resident DJ of Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall, sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his latest endeavors.
DJ Mike Savage
DJ Mike Savage
supplied by DJ Mike Savage
Savage has been nominated for the 2019 "Best of Long Island" competition in the "Best DJ Company" category in Arts and Entertainment.
This marks his first-ever career nomination in the annual "Best of Long Island" contest. "That feels fantastic," he said. "I am very honored and very proud. The hard work and dedication that I have displayed over the years are getting recognized. I thank all of the people that have my back," he added.
For the DJ, the fact that it is a fan-voted competition means a "great deal actually." "I can see that people appreciate what I do. I am very grateful to my supporters and fans," he said, graciously. "Savage in 2019," he exclaimed.
DJ Mike Savage provided the music entertainment for "90's Night" with the boy band cover group Larger Than Life. "Tonight will be a lot of 90's music because it is 90's night," he said. "I am free every Friday and Saturday this month, and then I am out in Huntington twice this month at The Rust and Gold, which will be all hip-hop. That's how I rock."
He also opened up about the digital transformation of the music business, which has always been a topic that is dear to his heart. "I am on my phone all the time, and I got a new MacBook Pro for my birthday. I rock two different programs for DJing: Serato and Traktor. I am using as much technology as I can," he shared.