Andrea Bocelli talks upcoming shows in New York, Ed Sheeran duet Special

Posted Oct 2, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
World renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming shows at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. He also gave advice for aspiring musicians, and he discussed the digital transformation of the music industry.
Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli
Giovanni De Sandre
On February 10 and 17, 2019, Bocelli will be performing at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. "What a pleasure for me to return to the Metropolitan Opera," he exclaimed. "The tradition of this great opera house, and its current successes, despite the worldwide challenges to the operatic art form, are unmatched."
Bocelli continued, "My concerts will take place during the week of Valentine's Day, dedicated to the romantic idea of 'Three Centuries of Love.' They will include the works of composers from Gaetano Donizetti, born in 1797, through to Leonard Bernstein whose 100th anniversary will be celebrated during this period. The repertoire will include duets with several internationally recognized opera stars, and I will be accompanied by the members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, conducted by Eugene Kohn."
To learn more about the two special performances of "Three Centuries of Love" by Andrea Bocelli, check out the Metropolitan Opera House's official website.
Motivations and songwriting inspirations
On his daily motivations, Bocelli said, "My certainty in my faith and my love for my children and my loved ones. Love in any of its expressive forms: this extraordinary energy – that the more you give, the more you get back – multiplies. I can't deny that at my age I ponder on the meaning of a non-stop life, forever in the spotlight, always under scrutiny, with so little time for family, friends, for the places where I grew up and that I miss as I'm always going from one plane to another, from one hotel to another, from one climate to another; however, the best response, the most convincing response, is always offered to me by the audience, who show their kindness and affection wherever I go, which gives me the strength to go on, day after day. Love, a passion for life and the beauty intrinsic to goodness are my main inspirations and they are what power my days."
Future plans
On his plans for the future, Bocelli said, "Every day, every sunrise, I thank God that I am alive and that my loved ones are healthy. I am, like everyone, in the hands of the good Lord and I put my trust in Him, welcoming what the future has in store for me. Yet I do hope to continue singing, as I still have the honor, as I always say, of being part of the soundtrack of many peoples' lives, bringing them a moment of joy and optimism. I have many concerts planned for my new pop album and many commitments related to my work as a lyric tenor. Such as the double event at the MET, which I care about deeply and which I look forward to with great emotion."
Later this month, on October 26, he will be releasing his album Si, which is his first musical effort of all-new music in 14 years. This forthcoming CD is a celebration of love, family, faith, and hope. Si is available for pre-order on iTunes.
On December 12 and 13, 2018, Bocelli will be headlining two back-to-back shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Advice for aspiring musicians
For aspiring musicians, Bocelli's insightful advice is as follows: "I would recommend being humble, yet determined, to trust in their own potential, to be strict with themselves, always moving forward with optimism and never ceasing to believe in their passion. I would suggest cultivating good habits, that will become pleasant with time, to be curious and to know how to protect themselves from any of their own preconceived notions. Lastly, I would remind them of the highly important role that artists play within society: they must be conscious of the fact that art and culture in general contribute to development and peace in the world."
Digital transformation of the music industry
On the impact of technology on the music business, Bocelli said, "Everything changes, everything can transform into an opportunity or, conversely, an obstacle or limitation. Technology accelerates the need to be able to grasp upon and develop positively the new and different things these changes set in motion. New opportunities for even more powerful and comprehensive experiences and uses are offered by technology, which excite and engage. What's more, the increasing ease with which information and experiences can be exchanged and the easy availability of high-quality instruments at affordable prices have fostered creativity in recent years that has produced significant results."
Bocelli added, "Music technology has made resounding progress and, if used well, helps artistic production. Everything is destined to evolve and even the world of culture and showbiz is undergoing radical changes and facing new challenges."
Regarding his use of technology in his daily routine, Bocelli said, "I have an intensely positive relationship with technology as an aid and a tool for empowering human capacities. Technology is also fundamental in my everyday life: when traveling, for example, I always take my computer with me, which holds a bit of my life inside it. I use it as a work and leisure database, as a music archive to enjoy some of the interpretations of great colleagues of mine from the past, and also to check my performances, so I can continue to learn and improve."
The Maestro continued, "If I could have made use of similar aids in my childhood, my academic apprenticeship, actually my education as a whole, would have been much easier and potentially much vaster; however, this is a topic that I have always been passionate about. At 20-years-old, I had already taken on the challenge of building a home recording studio. Then, little by little, I followed the evolution of the sector, from the appearance of the MIDI protocol to the first sequencers, to the fascinating world of miking."
The internationally recognized tenor also opened up about his "Perfect Symphony" collaboration with Grammy winner Ed Sheeran. "It was a truly perfect collaboration, so much so that we will do so again. In fact, we will perform a new song together on my new record. To begin with, it was my children who told me about Ed. When he called me, asking me to sing a new version of 'Perfect,' he did so frankly and enthusiastically. Encouraged by my older children, both his fans, I accepted."
Bocelli continued, "First, we worked from a distance, then we met at my home, in Tuscany, and continued in my recording studio. This meeting was documented by a video that was appreciated by 150 million people. We developed a friendship, one that still exists today, I am happy to say. In the beginning, he wanted me to sing my part as a tenor, while I saw things differently. In my opinion, a delicate song like 'Perfect' should have been like a whisper in a child's ear. In the end, we found a compromise, which, I hope, is well received."
When asked about his dream duet choices, Bocelli responded, "I would have to list too many names, one after the other, and risk forgetting many. Singing together, within a lyrical repertoire such as pop, is an extremely gratifying and intense experience that I have been enjoying for a quarter of a century. Thus, I have already had the joy of singing with many wonderful colleagues. If there had to be a 'dream' duet, I would say Franco Corelli for opera (as he represents my ideal tenor) and Frank Sinatra for pop because he is the greatest crooner of all time. From living artists, the first name that comes to mind is Paul McCartney, with whom I have not yet had the honor of sharing the stage."
Bocelli defined the word success as the "last sum in a series of variables." "I have never thought for a second that success, in the sense of notoriety, should be considered as having value. Fame itself does not lead to anything, it is simply not a trait. There are a thousand ways to be a person with values without being famous. In fact, I believe that fame, if pursued to gain a real human dimension, represents an obstacle because in that condition it is easier to lose your grip on reality. There is a risk of getting lost if you don't keep your feet on the ground, which, unfortunately, happens often in the world of showbiz. I am convinced that getting a big head is a disaster that easily leads to loneliness and which, luckily, I have always managed to keep at bay," Bocelli elaborated.
For his New York fans, Bocelli concluded, "I am looking forward to the Metropolitan Opera House with tremendous enthusiasm. It will be wonderful to have my loyal fans present with me, and I hope many opera lovers will also be present who may be checking me out for the first time in this great theater. I still keep to heart the memory of the concert a few years ago, on that stage that represents the center of gravity when it comes to great music. We are preparing a concert filled with surprises and, more importantly, that will meet peoples’ expectations. See you in February."
To learn more about global music star Andrea Bocelli and his music, check out his official website.