Kat Cunning talks about 'The Deuce' on HBO, music and technology Special

Posted Sep 7, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Actress and singer Kat Cunning chatted with Digital Journal on her experience on "The Deuce" on HBO, which premieres on Sunday, September 9, as well as her new music.
Kat Cunning
Kat Cunning
Kat Cunning official EP cover art
Regarding her experience on HBO's The Deuce, she said, "It was life-changing. It was a gangbuster's TV debut and I got to play opposite some of my idols. I brought my whole self to Christina, and it was totally encouraged to do it. I also got to work with a handful of female directors and an intimacy coordinator who really set the tone on set for all the crazy things you'll get to see. I am proud to be a part of something so ballsy and to play such a well-written role."
In The Deuce, she played opposite James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. "As you can imagine, it's intimidating to meet two people you had real-life teenage crushes on (let alone to hold up your end of a scene), but they are both truly brilliant, generous and playful actors. I got the sense I could workshop ideas and ask questions and that isn't always the case. I learned a lot from watching both of them work and even more watching how it translates on screen," she said.
On her plans for the future, Cunning said, "Look for a single this week, a forthcoming EP, a big show this fall, and an undisclosed tour."
Cunning listed Meryl Streep, Kate McKinnon, and Tom Hanks as her dream acting collaboration partners.
Digital transformation of entertainment
On the impact of technology on the acting and entertainment business, Cunning said, "There are a million new resources for upcoming artists to get their voice out there, and for people in marginalized and underrepresented communities to ban together. Equipment gets user-friendly every day and the channels for sharing are abundant. I do mourn the loss of the Village Voice and Interview and hope we can keep some physical publications and some traditional outlets alive."
Regarding her use of technology as a multifaceted entertainer, she said, "I heavily depend on technology. It allows me to connect with my fan-base, it helps me practice material I'm learning for auditions, and I couldn't get anywhere without a GPS."
For aspiring actors, Cunning said, "Don't be afraid to deepen the thing that makes you unique. If I had taken the advice I got a million times: to straighten my hair, to lose weight, to be more modest, to lose my lisp, I wouldn't be here. Be exactly, truly you. You'll lose a lot of roles, but you'll get the right ones."
"Stay on the Line" is available on iTunes.
To learn more about actress and singer Kat Cunning and her new music, check out her official website.