Walker Hayes talks '90's Country' single, NASH FM 94.7 and fans Special

Posted Sep 1, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On August 31, country singer Walker Hayes chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "90's Country" and his show for "Boots On The Boardwalk," as part of NASH FM 94.7.
Walker Hayes
Walker Hayes
Matthew Berinato
On his new single "90's Country," Hayes said, "It was not the easiest song to write. It's a mouthful and it's a puzzle. We have been working on that song for about a year. We actually tracked it for boom and it just wasn't complete yet. We didn't have all of the lyrics written, and it was quite different from what it is now. We finished it about a month ago."
Hayes continued, "I wanted to write something nostalgic, and I wanted everybody to remember where they were when they were listening to those songs from the '90s. Those memories are sweet. We wanted the song to have a story and a flow. At times, it was fun working on that song, while other times it was very tedious. Even if you don't get the references, you can still enjoy the song."
He revealed that he has a great time debuting that song live on Good Morning America. "It was a little nerve-wracking to do a new song live on television," he admitted. "That was the first time we ever did that song live, and we will be doing it in New Jersey today."
Hayes went on to perform a set for NASH FM 94.7's "Boots On The Boardwalk" in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. "We are excited. It is fun to get the song in the set, as well as to have a new single out," he said. "I can't wait to see how fast people start showing up and know the lyrics to it. Today will be interesting, and we are excited to be there today."
On being a part of NASH FM 94.7's "Boots On The Boardwalk," Hayes said, "That is incredible. This has always been a dream of mine to do this for a living. Every day that I get to do these things, I am very grateful. I love the fans."
He praised the NASH FM 94.7 team (Johnn Foxx, Mike Allan, Jesse Addy and Katie Neal) for always being so great to him. "They actually handed me my platinum album plaque, so I think we are brothers for life after that," he said. "Every time I pass by the PlayStation Theater in New York City, I think of that night, and how special that was."
On his dream female duet choices in country music, Hayes shared that he loves this "new girl" in town Tenille Townes. "Tenille is amazing," he said. "I was also able to write with Lindsay Ell."
Regarding the impact of technology on the country music scene, Hayes said, "Technology has definitely given artists a lot of work. You have to hit every single outlet as hard as you can because people get music in so many different ways now. In the '90s, it was radio or nothing, so that is where all your energy and your focus was. Now, there are so many people to watch music and listen to music and get exclusive content. As artists, we have to keep that content heavy. As a listener, I love it, because every single piece of music is at my fingertips, and as a music lover, that is awesome."
For his fans, Hayes said, "The new single '90's Country' has only been out one day, and it is humbling how the fans have responded. It is very special to me, and it is something that is near and dear to my heart. I wanted the artists that I referenced to hear it and to be proud that they are mentioned in it."
Hayes defined the word success as follows: "Waking up and being able to contribute to the world, hopefully, in a wholehearted, pure way. Honestly, it is taking care of my kids and doing what I love."
To learn more about country star Walker Hayes and his new single "90's Country," check out his official website.
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