Review: 'Mile 22' starring Mark Wahlberg is a compelling action thriller Special

Posted Aug 22, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
"Mile 22" was released in theaters on August 17, and it is quite the action thriller. It was directed and co-produced by Peter Berg, and written by Lea Carpenter.
Mark Wahlberg & Iko Uwais star in  Mile 22
Mark Wahlberg & Iko Uwais star in 'Mile 22'
VVS Films
Academy Award-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg portrays James Silva, an elite central intelligence officer. Silva is aided by a secret paramilitary team, where he must find and transport a foreign intelligence asset, which holds classified information, to a total distance of 22 miles, before the enemy closes in on them to reclaim that asset.
The movie ponders the question as to where one wants to live in a world that is cozy and validated, or live in a world that works. Without giving too much away, there are a lot of twists and turns.
Indonesian actor Iko Uwais is superb as Li Noor, and his stunts are utterly fantastic. Uwais steals every scene that he is in, and he leaves the viewers wanting more. Sam Medina delivers in his villainous role as Axel, in a bold yet controlled performance. Veteran actors John Malkovich and Lauren Cohan, as well as professional wrestler Ronda Rousey also star.
The Verdict
Overall, Mile 22 will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats for its entire 94-minute duration. The audience is in for an intense ride. While it is not perfect, it is gripping and solid. Peter Berg soars in the direction of the film. It is recommended for anybody interested in watching a thriller on espionage with suspense, mystery, and nonstop action. This film garners an A- rating.