Becky Buller discusses 2018 IBMA nods, Sam Bush duet, new album Special

Posted Aug 6, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Bluegrass star Becky Buller chatted with Digital Journal about her eight nominations for this year's International Bluegrass Music Awards (IBMAs). She also addressed the digital transformation of the music business.
Becky Buller
Becky Buller
Michael Weintrob
On her eight 2018 IBMA nominations, Buller said, "That felt amazing. I am still getting used to the idea."
For her Crêpe Paper Heart album, she noted that she had a "bunch of songs that she was hoping to record." "We went through 40 or 50 songs to narrow it down to the 12 that are on the record," she said. "I tried to put together a mix of songs that seem to flow together. It was important for me to keep it interesting, and to have different songs on there to keep people's attention, and hopefully, we did that. I didn't write Phoenix Arise, but included it on this collection as a bonus track."
Buller collaborates with Rhonda Vincent on the up-tempo track "Calamity Jane." "That was incredible, and I was so honored that she was willing to sing with me on that song," Buller said.
She just released a music video for her duet "The Rebel And The Rose" with mandolin virtuoso Sam Bush. "Working with Sam Bush was incredible," she said.
The bluegrass songstress listed Mark Knopfler, Larry Sparks, and James Taylor as her dream male collaboration choices in music. She also complimented Ricky Skaggs, who is getting inducted into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame this year, and praised him as a musical "hero" of hers.
Buller and her band will be a part of the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Festival, which takes place from August 10 to 11. "We will be there this Friday and Saturday, and we are looking forward to it," she said.
Digital transformation of the music business
On the impact of technology on the music business, Buller said, "It is really difficult. Everything is changing so fast. It's hard to get my brain wrapped around it. The revenue stream has shrunk, but it still costs a lot of money to make a good record."
Crêpe Paper Heart is available on iTunes.
To learn more about the Becky Buller Band, check out their official Facebook page, and website.