Review: Bush revolutionize Jones Beach with rocking 'Revolution 3' show Special

Posted Jul 31, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On July 27, rock band Bush performed at the Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on Long Island, as part of the "Revolution 3" Tour.
Neil Krug
Most impressive about this tour is that all three bands (including Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult) performed hour-long co-headlining sets. Bush was the third and final band to take the Jones Beach stage.
After the downpour that took place midway through The Cult's set, Bush kicked off their set on a high-energy note with "Machinehead," as red lights dimmed from the stage. They immediately broke into their new song "This is War," from the deluxe edition of their Black and White Rainbows album, where they instantly lured their fans in from the opening guitar riffs, coupled by Gavin Rossdales' razor-sharp vocals.
"The Chemicals Between Us" resonated well with their Long Island fans, as blue and purple lights alternated from the stage. "Hey," Rossdale shouted. "Thank you so much, everyone, for coming out to see us. We appreciate that."
Rossdale added, "I love this venue. It's so great to be here. It is great to see so many familiar faces and some new faces. Let's get this show going."
They continued with the explosive "The Sound of Winter," and the fans were reciting the lyrics verbatim to their chart-topping tune "Swallowed."
They took their fans on a trip down memory lane to their breakthrough single "Everything Zen," where Rossdale displayed his rich, growling voice.
"This world is so divided and this world is so confused," Rossdale said. "We love you all," he added and delivered a unique version of "Come Together" by The Beatles.
It was by followed by a superb rendition of "Glycerine," which is this journalist's personal favorite Bush tune, and they closed their set with "Little Things" and "Comedown," thus leaving their audience yearning for more.
"Sitting through a crazy rainstorm was well worth it," said Andrew Vagenas, Bush fan and attendee. "Bush was amazing. A couple of moments crossed my mind to leave because the rain had gotten very heavy, but it was all worth it."
The Verdict
Overall, Bush delivered as part of their "Revolution 3" tour stop at Jones Beach. Despite the heavy rainfall, that did not stop them from putting on a killer rock show. All three musical acts were exceptional and gifted musicians in their own right. Bush's live set garnered an A rating.