Review: Dan Reynolds spreads love and acceptance at LoveLoud Festival Special

Posted Jul 29, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On July 28, Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons headlined the 2018 LoveLoud Festival. With the help of modern technology, this event was streamed live on the AT&T Twitter page.
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons
Eliot Lee Hazel
This festival aids the LGBTQ youth in Salt Lake City, Utah, by spreading a message of love, equality, and acceptance. Most importantly, the festival raised well over one million dollars, thus surpassing their goal.
They kicked off their set with "Radioactive," which ended with Reynolds on piano. "We care about you and how much we love you and support you and stand with you," he told the LGBTQ community in Utah. "You know that your sexuality is pure and it's clear. You are needed and we need you. We must change our culture and the way we see each other. I accept you, I see you and I stand with you. I love you all. Thank you for being here tonight. Are you with me?" he asked and the answer was a resounding yes.
It was followed with "It's Time" and "Whatever It Takes," and the inclusion of their new song "Natural" was an added bonus.
One of the most moving moments of the night was when Reynolds dedicated a song to his mom, who was in the audience. She taught him to have integrity in everything he does in life. "Mom, I'm following my heart. Thank you. I love you," he said and performed the inspirational "Rise Up" in her honor.
He reiterated to the LGBTQ community that they are not alone. "Life is always worth living. Go to a therapist. Never take your life from us," he said, reminding them of their importance in the world.
Their powerhouse tunes "Demons" and "Thunder" earned the biggest reaction from the crowd of over 30,000 fans. "We have one last song for you. We love you. Stay with us every day. We accept you and we need you," Reynolds said, and closed with "Believer." "Peace, love, equality. We will see you again soon. Love Loud," Reynolds concluded.
To learn more about Imagine Dragons and their LoveLoud Festival, check out their official homepage.