Steve Grand talks new album 'Not the End of Me,' The Art House Special

Posted Jul 3, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Singer-songwriter Steve Grand chatted with Digital Journal about his new album, "Not the End of Me," which will be released on July 6.
Steve Grand
Steve Grand
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On the song selection for his new album, Grand said, "Every song on this record really reflects where I was at a certain point in time. I went through many different things while creating this album. I went through some personal things, such as I started drinking too much, and now, I am 2.5 years sober. I also lost members in my family. The album deals with things that a lot of us go through. There is a sense of resilience in this record, and it is about overcoming obstacles, especially when they are internally created."
While it was extremely difficult for Grand to select a favorite tune on his upcoming album, a song that really stands out is the third track "Disciple," especially since it is important to him from a personal standpoint. "They are all very special to me, in some way or another. This album is extremely personal," he admitted. "I am very happy with how 'Disciple' turned out. Writing it was a very cathartic experience."
Grand also shared that the song "Don't Let the Light In" has been a fan-favorite, especially when he performs it live in concert. "I have been playing live for the past 1.5 years, and the fans really love it," he said.
This summer, Grand returns to his residency at The Art House in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which kicks off on July 5, 2018. "I am there all summer long, and my first show is there on Thursday. I play there three times a week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. It is going to be a crazy week and a crazy summer," he said. "I love playing here. It is a magical place. This is my second full summer at this venue. I feel that it has made me a better performer and a better artist."
For his fans, he said, "This album can be dark sometimes, and very personal, but there are a lot of lessons to be learned from it. There is a real sense of resilience that I hope that people hear. It's a matter of overcoming the things in life that are getting you down. The album is very vulnerable. The fans allow me to get to do what I love most in this world, so a big shout-out goes to them."
Digital transformation of the music business
On the impact of technology on the music business, Grand said, "The bad thing is that people aren't purchasing music at the same rate, so artists aren't making as much money from their songs. On the positive, people listen to a lot more music now and it is easier to be discovered than ever. It all evens out. People will always value good art and good music, and they are willing to support the artist that they like."
In his live routine, Grand revealed that he uses a great deal of technology. "I use a SoundBox, and it has a kick drum sound, so it gives a little rhythm when I am playing my guitar," he explained. "I always getting new recording software. I am always writing ideas down on the Notes of my phone. If I have a melody in my head, I open up my camera and make a video of me singing or humming it."
Not The End of Me is available for pre-order on iTunes.
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