Bing app gets image search function

Posted Jun 22, 2018 by Lisa Cumming
Microsoft has now outfitted their Bing app with a new feature that allows users to "search the web using (their) camera." This tool is being likened to the Google Lens and other third-party apps that utilize AI for object recognition.
Microsoft Campus
Microsoft Campus
Yesterday Microsoft announced via a blog post that their Bing mobile app for for iOS and Android and the Microsoft Launcher (Android only) would now come outfitted with the Visual Search function already available on the desktop version of the search engine.
“While there have been strides for many years to get to this point,” said Vince Leung, the product lead for Bing Images at Microsoft, in the blog post. “With the advent of cloud computing we are able to accelerate our ability to make sense out of pixels.”
This move by Microsoft has matched the Bing mobile app with the Google Lens app, that was released earlier this month. Upon its release, The Verge reported that some users were saying the Google Lens app — although available in Google Play — was not compatible with certain Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Moto Z Play, Nokia 7 Plus, and the Xiaomi Mi A1.
Earlier this week, Android Police reported that the OnePlus camera app added a Google Lens shortcut, following the May announcement at Google I/O that Google Lens would be coming to more camera apps.