New Zealand R&B and pop star Janine talks new album '99,' Drake Special

Posted Jun 13, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
New Zealand artist Janine chatted with Digital Journal about her new album "99," which was released via Atlantic Records.
Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records
On the song selection approach for 99, she said, "I was writing a bunch, and most of the songs that we finished, made it on to the album. I hope the fans love the album. I worked really hard to showcase my vocals and my songwriting, and it's all real. I hope they crank it and share it."
While it was extremely difficult for Janine to select a personal favorite song on the album, two that stand out to her include "Don't Love Me" and "Never the Right Time."
Regarding her plans for the future, Janine said, "At the moments, I am in rehearsals for shows. We are drilling rehearsals with a new band. I really want to get back on the road and tour, and I also want to start the next album. It's a good idea to get right on to it. Also, I am writing for other artists as well."
Her songwriting is inspired by "everything that happens in her life." "I only write what I feel and what I know," she said. "It doesn't necessarily happen at that exact time, since I find it difficult to write about problems in my relationships when I am in them, since I don't want them to hear it. I usually write about it after the break-up."
Janine listed Canadian music star Drake as her No. 1 choice for her dream male duet partner. "Hands down, it would be Drake," she admitted.
For aspiring singer-songwriters, Janine encouraged them to do music because they love it, as opposed to doing it only for monetary reasons. "It is too much of a hard road if you are only in it for the money," she said. "Be a nice person, and keep pushing, and work hard."
Digital transformation of music business
On the impact of technology on the music business, Janine said, "I think it is good. I embrace it. It can be challenging at times, but my goal is for people to have my music, and technology plays a big role with that. I want my music to help people."
Speaking of technology, Janine utilizes social media to stay connected with her fan-base. "It's a blessing at times, and it can be difficult sometimes, since being on social media too much can take away from my time devoted to being creative, but I genuinely enjoy touching base with my fans," she said.
99 is available on iTunes.
To learn more about New Zealand music sensation Janine and her latest studio effort, check out her official website.
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