Review: Pole vaulter Sandi Morris inspirational on short film 'Be More' Special

Posted Jun 3, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Sandi Morris, American pole vaulter and reigning world indoor champion, released her new short film "Be More" via Untitled Works.
Sandi Morris
Sandi Morris
Daniel Mitchell
This short feature film takes the viewer on a trip down memory lane to Morris' childhood, at a time when she would compete in a lot of track and field sports. The video clip also displays her love for animals, music, as well as her hard work ethic and workout regimen.
"I like that I am well-rounded, and that I am passionate about many things," she said, in the short film. She credits her parents for putting her in multiple extra-curricular activities such as sports, art and dance, when she was growing up. "They let me explore my passion for animals," she said.
Fast forward many years from her youth, Morris won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and the gold at the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.
The Verdict
Overall, Be More is a compelling and well-crafted short film on the life of Sandi Morris. She serves as a great inspiration for aspiring track and field athletes, especially young girls. This film is recommended for all to watch, and it garners an A rating.
To learn more about Sandi Morris and her story, check out her official website.
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