Chatting with Tetona Jackson: 'All Night' series regular on Hulu Special

Posted May 26, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Actress Tetona Jackson chatted with Digital Journal about her starring role in the Hulu web television series "All Night."
Tetona Jackson
Tetona Jackson
Sarah Krick
On starring in Hulu's All Night series, Jackson said, "I am so excited to be a part of this show. It was so much fun to film and the rest of cast was amazing to work with. We kind of became like a family."
In All Night, she plays the out character Cassie. "It was great being able to play an out lesbian. I was definitely nervous going into filming because I wanted to do this character justice. But I am so honored to be able to represent the LGBTQ community in this show, and so happy to be a voice for the youth of the community," she said.
She hopes that there will be more projects in the future. "I love what I do, so anytime I get to be on set and act, I am a happy camper. I also have a new horror movie called Severed Road coming out soon that I am really excited about. I would also love to do some more traveling in my spare time," she said.
She listed Johnny Depp, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan as her dream male acting partners. "I am blown away by Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan's work, so it would be amazing to work with them. Also, I am obsessed with Schitt's Creek and feel like Dan Levy would be so much fun to work with," she said.
Regarding the impact of technology in the entertainment industry, Jackson said, "I feel like now with all of the streaming services there is so much more content out there, which I love. And being so busy, it is great to able to watch my favorite shows whenever I want. Also, I am not going to lie, I love being able to binge-watch too."
On her use of technology in her daily routine as an actress, she said, "I am always using my e-mail for work so I feel like my phone is attached to my hip. Social media is definitely a big part of my daily routine as well. But I also try to take some moments to detach from my phone and just be present with whoever I am with or whatever I am doing."
She concluded about Hulu's All Night, "First of all thank you to anyone who has already watched the show. It was such a fun show to film so I hope everyone had just as much fun watching it. And to any fans who haven’t seen it yet, go binge-watch. There are so many different story-lines and characters in the show, and you will definitely be able to relate to one of them."
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