Spotify launches new mobile app with playlists for users

Posted Apr 24, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
The music streaming service Spotify has just launched a new mobile app with on-demand playlists for its 90 million free users.
Daniel Ek  CEO of Swedish music streaming service Spotify  says a stock market listing "doesn&a...
Daniel Ek, CEO of Swedish music streaming service Spotify, says a stock market listing "doesn't change who we are"
This free version enables its users to not be "stuck shuffling anymore." Users are able to listen to songs on-demand as long as they appear in one of of the user's 15 personalized discovery playlists, which include Daily Mix or Release Radar. This is a substantial improvement over how things were previously on the streaming service vs. now.
This comes to approximately 750 songs (or about 40 hours of music); furthermore, this mobile app is better than having Spotify take charge of the track order every time a user pushes "play." At the same time, users will be able to get recommendations for songs based on their own custom-made playlists.
Most importantly, music will take less from one's bandwidth, especially since Spotify has a low data mode, which cuts its usage as much as 75 percent. This will make a big difference for its users, especially if one has a slower connection or if somebody is on a connection plan that is capped. This updates free service is making its way all over the world.
This announcement comes a few days after Spotify became a public company, as well as after a long time period of limiting free access to satisfy record labels. The streaming service had indicated that as many as 60 percent of its premium subscribers were originally free users, and that the no-cost option is the best way to get users on the platform.
Free service is what makes Spotify stand out, and it is bound to make good use of that "free service" in an effort to maintain its lead over other streaming services such as Apple Music.
Speaking of Spotify, on Tuesday, April 3, it soared $26 billion in its long-awaited stock debut.