Hope Nix from Indigo Summer talks new single 'Wishful Drinking' Special

Posted Feb 12, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Hope Nix from the country duo Indigo Summer chatted with Digital Journal about their new single "Wishful Drinking," which comes out on Friday, February 16.
Indigo Summer
Indigo Summer
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Regarding their new single, she said, "This song is definitely one of those songs that you feel like you're listening to a good ole country song, which is something I don't think we have done so far, so it'll be different but I hope its a good different!"
On their plans for the future, Nix said, "I would love to have the opportunity to play at the Grand Ole Opry sometime in the near future! Of course, we would love to eventually be part of an awesome tour and even headline our own tour one day."
Growing up, Nix revealed that she idolized such acclaimed country acts as The Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain, the latter of which she also listed as her dream collaboration choice. "Hands down, Shania Twain for me," she said.
Regarding the origin of the duo's name, she said, "Well, Bryan and I originally met when we played a 'writers round' at hotel Indigo here in Nashville so after lots of names being thrown at us from all directions we kept going back to that one and
then, the second half of our name came after realizing how much we both love writing and singing about summertime."
On the impact of technology in the country music business, she said, "It's kind of a blessing and a curse if you will. We have definitely taken advantage of the blessing part of that because we are able to use social media as our main source of getting our music out there and keeping up with our fans. I would say the curse part of it is just that, it has changed the music business."
Nix elaborated, "There are definitely still fans who will run out and buy a physical copy of a CD, and I am definitely one of them if I really love an album or artist, but it's not just what you do anymore, so I think we have all sort of adapted at this point, but at first it was definitely a change."
On their use of technology in their music routine, she said, "We love keeping up with fans in our stories, and pictures on
Instagram. It's also how we get our music out there for everyone to hear. We have made so many great connections through social media."
For more information on country duo Indigo Summer, check out their official website, and their Facebook page.