Op-Ed: Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE is the best Super Bowl commercial

Posted Feb 8, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
"Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE" is this year's greatest commercial that was televised during Super Bowl LII on February 4.
Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE rap battle
Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE rap battle
Courtesy photo
This commercial featured an all-star cast of entertainers such as Emmy winner Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Grammy-nominated rapper Busta Rhymes and Grammy-winning rapper Missy Elliott.
Dinklage and Freeman went head to head in a fire and ice rap battle, where the Game of Thrones star rapped to Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes' "Look at Me Now," as he eats Doritos and spits fire in a burning room. Freeman takes a sip of MTN DEW ICE, and raps the upbeat tune "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott.
The "Doritos Blaze vs. MTN DEW ICE" lip-sync rap battle was quite clever, especially with Peter Dinklage nailing Busta Rhymes' rap vocals to the tee (on Team Doritos), and Morgan and Elliott were impressive on Team MTN DEW ICE. While it was difficult to critique which team won this battle, both were noteworthy and unique, and the end result was unforgettable. This Super Bowl LII commercial stood out by a mile.
Particularly impressive is the fact that this marked the first time ever, where one company (PepsiCo) advertised two of its trademarked products back-to-back in a nationally televised commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.