Interview with David Nathan: Managing Partner of D&D Endeavors Special

Posted Feb 4, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Veteran music executive David Nathan chatted with Digital Journal about his brand new management company, D&D Endeavors, where he serves as co-founder and managing partner.
David Nathan
David Nathan
David Nathan
Throughout his respected career in the music and entertainment business, Nathan has worked with such internationally recognized artists as Taylor Swift, Sir Elton John, Ariana Grande, as well as the late Prince and Amy Winehouse, among countless other entertainers.
"I am excited to launch this new venture," he said, about D&D Endeavors. "Right now, it is a different kind of management company since we are focusing on talent, more than music, sports, food or television. My goal with this company is to find the best of the best, and put them in situations where they excel in their territories. The idea is essentially to build this one-stop shop where our talent can cultivate relationships, and build their businesses."
For Nathan, leaving S-Curve/BMG, and Republic (where he spent 21 years since its inception) was bittersweet. "I miss the success, the label's side of it, the artists and the people," he said, yet he noted that he is excited to move on. "I put all my efforts in building this company."
Nathan revealed that his eclectic client roster consists of seven artists , two writers, and several other clients. His advice for aspiring talent managers is as follows: "I am learning every day. Be a sponge. Take every meeting you can. Advise people, and listen to people and pay attention."
Digital transformation of the entertainment business
On the impact of technology on the music business, Nathan said, "It's all about social media now and streaming. That has become the foremost piece of how you break an artist, and what the labels look at. Inside building the company, that is the conversation that we engage in every day. What are we doing to increase the social media? What are we doing to get your records on Spotify? What are we doing to partner with Pandora? Discovery becomes a huge piece of the puzzle."
Nathan concluded, "I am really excited about this management company, and giving this a legit shot, and really taking some talent and making them the best that they can be."
To learn more about David Nathan's company, D&D Endeavors, check out their official website.