Review: CB30 take grandparents to prom in 'Cool If You Wanna' music video Special

Posted Feb 4, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Up-and-coming country duo CB30 released their new music video for "Cool If You Wanna," and it is quite sweet. Digital Journal has the scoop.
supplied CB30 publicity photo
What makes the video very compelling is that they included their grandparents in it, and they were able to fulfill their childhood dream, by allowing them to partake in a prom experience. "We never went to prom together," the grandfather told his grandkids (CB30). "It was a regret of mine because grandma loves to dress up. She loves to dance," grandpa added.
As soon as their song starts playing in the music video, they instantly lure their listeners in thanks to their rumbling harmonies. In the video, they also show their grandfather some neat dance moves to impress their grandmother at prom, which is an added treat. One could not help but clap and cheer for the grandparents at the end, when their prom dream became a reality.
The Verdict
Overall, the music video for "Cool If You Wanna" is warm and tender. While the single is solid in itself, the music video adds a higher dimension to the song, and it makes it relatable to all. They were able to give their grandparents a remarkable prom that they will never forget in their lives. CB30 deserves to become the next big musical duo in country music, and their future in the industry should be bright. Their music video for "Cool If You Wanna" earns an A rating.
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