Review: Lisa Lampanelli terrific at The Theatre at Westbury in New York Special

Posted Feb 3, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
On February 2, insult queen Lisa Lampanelli performed at The Theatre at Westbury on Long Island, and she was in rare form, especially since she hadn't performed her stand-up show in over six months.
Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa Lampanelli
Frank DeCaro returned as her opening act, who delivered a solid and witty 20-minute set, where he shared jokes about his weight loss, his partner, his childhood (mother and grandmother), as well as Taylor Swift and Sam Smith. He also described his opening number as "bunny slopes" compared to Lisa's set, and rightfully so.
When Lisa Lampanelli took the stage, she was greeted with a warm New York welcome, and started her jokes immediately poking fun at different ethnic groups, which included the Jews ("Oy vey"), the Asians, the Spanish, the African Americans and even a Guyanese. For the latter, she described the Guyanese person similar to an Arab. "Same smell, different weapon," she said.
She even made fun of her gay and lesbian fan-base, as well as the older people in the crowd. Speaking of older people, she poked fun at an older person, "Bob," who seemed "homeless" to her, based on his long white beard and quiet demeanor. He was in fact a "Vietnam War veteran," and she underscored the importance that "We need to protect our veterans!" That statement resonated so well with the Long Island audience, and rewarded Lampanelli with a standing ovation.
Other highlight moments were her Celebrity Apprentice jokes (featuring Clay Aiken and Donald Trump), her public service announcement on peanut allergies, as well as her Paris, France shooting joke (which she didn't know happened, up until three days later after her show in Canada), hence the true victim of those Paris attacks was "Lisa Lampanelli."
One of the most controversial parts of the show, was when she reenacted her jokes for Donald Trump's roast, (a few audience members yelled: "Donald Trump is my President"), and she silenced those naysayers by saying that "this is not a political show," and rightfully so. Instead, she reminded them that Trump himself enjoyed his Lampanelli roast, which went viral, and was seen by over eight million people on social media. Speaking of Trump, she nailed his voice to the tee.
The Theatre at Westbury crowd was extremely lucky since she performed several new Donald Trump jokes, exclusively for us, which were well-received. Also, another stand-out moment was when a major fight erupted amongst three audience members in the crowd (two women that appeared inebriated and a male audience member). Of course, leave it for Lampanelli to handle the situation, with much grace, sass and wit (who had the security by her side). In returned, she praised the venue's security.
Towards the end of her set, she brought back opener Frank DeCaro, and she spoke about her love for the North Shore Animal League. She expressed her disdain for people that buy pets at the pet store. For Lampanelli, it is truly heroic when the animals are rescued at the shelters. She also encouraged the audience to ask her questions during the "Question and Answer" portion of her show, which resonated well with the Westbury fans.
"Lisa Lampanelli never disappoints!" exclaimed Jillian Onorato, fan and attendee. "I'm so glad I got to experience the 'Queen of Mean.' There are not a lot of people that can make you smile for over 90 minutes straight!"
Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa Lampanelli
Wayne Herrschaft
The Verdict
Overall, it is evident that Lisa Lampanelli gets better with age and experience. She is a "must see," whenever she comes to town. All hail the "Queen of Mean." Her 2018 show at The Theatre at Westbury was entertaining and hysterical, and it earned five out of five stars.
To learn more about Lisa Lampanelli and her 2018 touring schedule, check out her official website.
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