Japan has a new female cryptopop group — Kasotsuka Shojo

Posted Jan 13, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Japan has a new all-female cryptocurrency pop group, Kasotsuka Shojo, where each band member represents a different type of crypto.
Kasotsuka Shojo
Kasotsuka Shojo
Cinderella Academy
They held their first cryptopop debut concert in Tokyo, Japan, this past Friday, January 12, where payment for tickets and merchandise was only accepted via cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. It was reported that their breakthrough concert was sold-out. Their band name translates into "Virtual Currency Girls," and it was launched by Cinderella Academy, a Japanese entertainment company that also manages other popular groups.
Most impressive about Kasotsuka Shojo is that they are teaching the public about the cryptocurrency world in their music. Every of the eight female members of the band represents different cryptocurrency such as ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, and cardano, and they can be seen from their fuzzy, lucha libre marks. Their French maid costumes, which are popular in Japanese culture, also has some hidden correlation to blockchains and cryptocurrency.
Their debut song, "The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me" draws influences from the warnings that are issued by various regulators. Simply put, it's a didactic lesson about online security, as well as looking out for fraudulent crypto businesses.
According to a press statement, Kasotsuka Shojo wants to promote the idea that virtual currencies are a "wonderful technology" that will help shape the future.
In Japan, bitcoin is recognized as a legal form of currency, where it has also accounted for the biggest share of bitcoin trading in the world. BitFlyer, which is based in Tokyo, is one of the largest crypto exchange operators in the world.