Belgian telco chooses Infosys to lead its digital transformation

Posted Jan 11, 2018 by James Walker
Belgium-based telco Proximus has announced it is partnering with Indian IT services provider Infosys to digitally transform its business. The company will move to cloud-based solutions to improve its agility and efficiency, replacing 40 legacy platforms.
Legacy networks are holding back digital transformation
Legacy networks are holding back digital transformation
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Proximus and Infosys detailed the major collaboration this month, describing it as a way to "simplify and remodel" Proximus' portfolio of products. The program, called Greenfield Excite, will take multiple years to complete and will digitally transform almost every area of Proximus' business.
Infosys will provide technology to overhaul Proximus' internal systems and IT methodologies. Existing IT infrastructure will be replaced with several modern Infosys-supported platforms. Proximus' tech stack will be rebuilt around cloud-based solutions including Salesforce, CloudSense and ServiceNow.
Technology will also be deployed to streamline Proximus' financial departments. New software will assist when generating quotes and sales, invoicing customers and placing orders. This is expected to considerably accelerate Proximus' lead-to-cash cycle by removing old inefficiencies in its processes.
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"We are committed to our program Excite that will transform the way we sell professional services to our enterprise clients," said Proximus Chief Information Officer Geert Goethals.
"Through Excite we expect to establish greater agility, collaboration and bring in superior quality and efficiency in the way IT and business interacts. As part of this initiative, we have entrusted the co-responsibility of transforming our IT systems to Infosys, as our teams work together to deliver objectives of this program over the next years."
The digital transformation initiative will see at least 40 of Proximus' legacy IT systems consolidated into six new cloud-based platforms. The resulting centralisation will offer Proximus enhanced management capabilities, improved security and a more reliable IT network. It should make insights more visible, enabling further optimisations to be made to the telco's operating efficiency.
The telecoms industry is one of the most advanced when it comes to digital transformation. Proximus' decision to embark on a complete digitalisation initiative will enable it to keep pace with competitors as the digital economy materialises. With the restrictions of legacy tech left behind, Proximus will be able to scale more freely and start to utilise emerging technologies such as AI and hyper-scale cloud computing.