Op-Ed: Liam Ferrari is the 'One to Watch in 2018'

Posted Dec 12, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
When it comes to pop music, Australian singer and dancer Liam Ferrari is Digital Journal's choice for the "One to Watch in 2018."
Liam Ferrari
Liam Ferrari
Liam Ferrari cover art for 'Run to You'
Ferrari is an artist who gives his fans exactly what they want to hear and see! Whether it is his dancing videos, all of which go viral, or his high-quality music video, the breathy "Run to You," and everything else in between. Heck, even his Sneaker Treater shoe powder commercial was clever and witty.
The Aussie heartthrob is a big proponent of fitness, and as a performer, he has a natural ability to entertain and charisma. His "Run to You" music video was filmed in the island of Mykonos in Greece, and he has that international crossover appeal, that will help propel him to super-stardom. He deserves to be the heir to Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber as the next big male pop mega-star.
With his hardcore social media following, Ferrari gives his fan-base an inside look into his personal life, which allows them to get to know him on a more intimate level. He always interacts with them and fills them in on his latest endeavors and ventures, which is key to success in the entertainment business. Within a matter of time, Ferarri will easily accumulate one million fans on Facebook (as of now, he has a little over 923,000 followers), and then some.
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