Will Ackerman talks new ensemble Flow, Carnegie Hall show Special

Posted Oct 3, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Will Ackerman and his new group, Flow, chatted with Digital Journal about their upcoming concert at Carnegie Hall on October 6.
Will Ackerman and Flow
Will Ackerman and Flow
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This Friday, they will be performing at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York City. "First and foremost, this is a group of friends. These are people I've known for years and worked with where emotions are the lifeblood of creation. These are musicians who leave ego at the door and just to into the heart of music's DNA," he explained.
Regarding his plans for the future, Ackerman said, "The making of Flow was as joyous an experience as I've ever known. If the record reaches people as it enveloped up, we will be in for the second record in a heartbeat."
When asked what inspires his music, Ackerman responded, "There is no intellectual component to my music whatsoever. I create a new open tuning for every song. A reality that even I found astounding when I realized that this was the case. Objectifying this reality led me to the understanding that I have rather tricked myself over the course of my career to abandon all thought or purpose and to just let feelings guide me. I suppose there are people who know the exact origin of their inspiration… I'm not one of those."
Ackerman listed the musicians in Flow as his dream collaboration choice. "The ones I'm doing this collaboration with. I mean that," he said.
For his New York fans, he concluded, "They'll feel every note at Carnegie Hall, and it will be real."
To learn more about Flow, check out their official website, and their Facebook page.