Review: Oliver Heldens soars on funky new single 'What The Funk' Special

Posted Sep 29, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
International DJ and producer Oliver Heldens is back with his new single "What The Funk," which is a fun and groovy track.
Oliver Heldens
Oliver Heldens
The Media Nanny
While the song is a slight departure of his previous musical work, Heldens makes it work, and his listening audience will take notice. The beat of this song is addicting.
Heldens' new solo single "What The Funk" encompasses elements of pop, disco, soul and house, with a 70's retro vibe to it. The track is comprised of flutes, guitar licks and shaker rhythms, coupled by the sultry voice of Danny Shah.
The Verdict
Overall, Oliver Heldens' new track "What The Funk" is feel-good and a great deal of fun. Heldens delivers once again with his top-notch production, and Danny Shah's vocals are refreshing. The single garners an A rating.
"What The Funk" is available on Spotify and on iTunes.
To learn more about Oliver Heldens and his new music, visit his website.