Malin Akerman talks Nature's Bounty and 'beauty from within' Special

Posted Sep 28, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Supermodel and actress Malin Akerman chatted with Digital Journal about her partnership with Nature's Bounty, which underscores "beauty from within." Akerman also discussed the digital transformation of the entertainment scene.
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman
Getty Images for Nature's Bounty
On her partnership with Nature's Bounty, Akerman said, "Having grown up in a household that always placed value on your health and with mother who owned a health food store, I’ve been health conscious all my life. Being able to partner with Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails, a company who has been trusted in the health industry for nearly 50 years, is perfect. Being in the line of work that I am, hair, skin and nail health are important. Almost every day, my hair is pulled at, my skin is layered in makeup, and my nails are being constantly painted and trimmed. It’s important to take care of those things, and Nature’s Bounty helps me do that in a simple and delicious way. I love that they believe in and emphasize 'beauty from within'."
Akerman continued, "I’m a true believer that beauty starts from within, and I know Nature’s Bounty is, too. When you feel good, you look good. Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails makes that so easy for people to do - two tasty gummy vitamins a day and you're set!"
She shared that the GBK Style Lounge event with Nature's Bounty that took place in New York on September 11 was a great deal of fun. "That was so much fun! What’s not to love? You got to get your nails done, pick up great vitamins, and get pampered. They made sure we were taken care of both on the inside and the outside. It was also a really beautiful set up, and they created a really nice environment," she said.
Regarding her future plans, Akerman said, "I'm shooting the third season of Billions, and in April, you can see me starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in the new movie, Rampage. I'm also stepping into producing some projects, as well, which is very exciting."
For aspiring actors and models, Akerman's advice is as follows: "Stay focused and put in the time and work so that when the opportunity presents itself, you’re ready. Go and do lessons with a coach and perfect your craft. Feedback from a coach is so important. Make sure this is truly your passion because this is a really tough business, and if you don’t sincerely have that passion for acting and performance inside of you, this might not be the right business for you. Prepare for the rejection, and have a great support group of family and friends."
She defined the word beauty as "inner glow." "Beauty is such a big word that encompasses so many things. It's not only a physical thing, but I see it as uniqueness and emotional states. People who are calm and peaceful are beautiful to be around. Beauty is a state of mind, as well as a healthy body.
Digital transformation of entertainment scene
On the impact of technology on the entertainment industry, Akerman said, "Technology has made things more personal. For better or for worse, everyone now has the chance to be a critic and have their voices heard. There are pros and cons. Pros, for example, are that people can be creators and entrepreneurs and have so many different platforms to create on, but also because of that, there are a lot of things are said and that can be watched now that don't need to be, and it's often unregulated and can be abusive. It's also changed the ways that studios are making movies, and actors have gotten far more into TV, where as some years ago, it wasn't as big a part of our lives."
When asked how she uses technology in her daily routine, she said, "To be honest, I'm a pretty low maintenance tech person. Every now and then, I love to get on Instagram and say hello to friends. I mostly use my phone to contact people for work, staying in touch with friends, and calling my mom!"
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