Fashion brand Lafayette 148 New York goes digital

Posted Sep 16, 2017 by Tim Sandle
Firstborn and Isobar have been hired by fashion brand Lafayette 148 New York to lead digital and e-commerce transformation for the business. This signals changes within the fashion sector.
A selection of models wearing clothes designed by hot Chinese-British designer Huishan Zhang.
A selection of models wearing clothes designed by hot Chinese-British designer Huishan Zhang.
The fashion industry is engaging with digital technology in new and different ways, in order to stay competitive and to engage with the ways that consumers are searching for clothes and accessories. Digital Journal has surveyed the four main strands of digital transformation for fashion in the article "Digital transformation trends for the fashion industry." In this article we focus on the way that one leading brand - Lafayette 148 New York - is shaping its business practices along digital lines.
Lafayette 148 New York creates fashion collections for women, with the clothes made from European fabrics. The company is located in New York city and it was founded in 1996 by Shun Yen Siu, Deirdre Quinn, and Ida Siu. The common theme of the clothing styles is to fuse the best of Eastern and Western trends. As a sign of its market growth, the company recently traded its Soho digs for 68,000 square feet at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Two leading digital technology companies - Firstborn and Isobar - are to work with Lafayette 148 New York to lead the fashion brand's digital and e-commerce transformation. The objective is for Firstborn and Isobar to work with the luxury brand to develop original content, in-store and concierge service integration, and a new e-commerce user-experience platform. The output is expected to emerge, according to Adage, in the spring of 2018.
Firstborn, founded in 1997, is a design and technology company; Isobar is a global digital agency that sets out to solve "critical, complex client challenges in the digital era." The types of things that these companies will look at include improving the digital omni-channel experience for customers and adding innovations like Lafayette 148 New York's recent addition that allows customers to order on-line and then to pick-up clothing at several Manhattan stores.