Melissa Joan Hart talks Jif partnership, kids, advice for actors Special

Posted Sep 12, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Actress Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Clarissa Explains It All") chatted with me about her partnership with Jif, and she gave advice for aspiring actors. Hart also talked about the digital transformation of entertainment.
Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart
Steve Fischer
Hart partnered with Jif Peanut Butter, which was important for the actress. "As a parent, I know how important it is to celebrate the successes of kids as they learn how to be the best they can be for themselves. We should help them want to make the world a better place for everyone. Feeding our kids' potential each and every day is just one of the many ways we show them love. That's why I loved the idea behind the 'Imagine if, With Jif' program. Jif is helping fund kids’ ideas that can help make the world a better place and fueling the potential in every child. It gives parents the opportunity to help their kids reach their potential, explore their creativity, and make the world a better place, and kids really can make some of their biggest dreams come true through this fun contest."
She shared that starting September 12 to October 20, parents can submit their kid's or family's idea at for a chance to win a monetary prize from Jif to help make their creative ideas a reality. "I'll be judging the submissions and can't wait to see what families across the country have been dreaming up," she said.
On her future plans, she said, "While I'm excited about future technology and science advancements, my future plans include spending as much time with my kids while they are young. And traveling with them when they are grown, but AR (augmented reality) looks pretty awesome too."
Each day, the actress is motivated by her goal to make her kids smile. "In between, I try to make sure I get a little time to round out my life and spend time with friends, family, my husband and fit in a workout all while making sure my career stays on track. I love a day where I can check every box," she said.
Digital transformation of entertainment and acting
On the impact of technology in the entertainment and acting scene, she said, "I don't think social media could've been predicted and I am so lucky that my teen years happened before the Twitter explosion, but the digital world has also really helped my industry so that we don't waste time and money on film any longer, although every now and then it's nice to go back to the old school way of film making."
Hart continued, "I'm fully attached to my phone. When it's not in my hand, I feel lost. It helps me stay organized with my kids busy schedules and my travels and of course, what parent doesn't want to take millions of pictures of their cute kids; and then post them for everyone to see?! But stepping away from my phone once in a while is always a welcome change and helps you reconnect with the real world."
For aspiring entertainers, her advice is simple: "Try it all." "Dance, sing, act, direct, and write," she elaborated.
She defined the word success as "Having a good balance of work, play, sweat, sleep, family, girlfriends, and laughs."
Hart concluded about her partnership with Jif Peanut Butter, "I always want my kids to know that they are loved and I do everything I can to nourish their ideas and creations. That's why I loved the idea behind the 'Imagine if, With Jif' program. Even with my busy schedule, I always make time for my children. And it’s important to make sure I feel good about what I’m feeding them. My kids love the fresh-roasted peanut taste of Jif Creamy and Jif Natural peanut butter – and I love the fact that it has seven grams of protein. Sliced apples with peanut butter is our go-to snack and nothing beats a tasty peanut butter and jelly J to help my family power through our day. And for the first time, I’m excited to share my family’s favorite peanut butter recipe with my fans."
Speaking of favorite recipes, Hart shared her favorite family peanut butter and jelly recipe on her Instagram page.