John Conlee earns inaugural 'Legend Award' from KCMA

Posted Aug 30, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Veteran country music star John Conlee has earned the inaugural "Legend Award" from the Kentucky Country Music Association (KCMA).
John Conlee
John Conlee
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He received this prestigious recognition from Kenneth Reynolds, the president and founder of the Kentucky Country Music Association, during his live performance at the Kentucky Opry.
Conlee is a native of Kentucky, and throughout his illustrious career in country music, he promoted Kentucky through his music, as well as his interviews.
"It is always gratifying to be recognized by those from my home state of Kentucky," Conlee said, graciously. "My profound thanks to the Kentucky Country Music Association and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin for their very kind honors," he added.
In addition, Conlee received a letter from Kentucky Governor Matthew Bevin, where he was recognized for his career accomplishments, as well as his loyalty to the country music community and his home state of Kentucky. In his congratulatory letter, Governor Bevin stated that this award is "perfect fitting" for the country crooner.
Conlee has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1981. He is known for his signature song "Rose Colored Glasses," which he co-wrote with songwriter George Baber; moreover, seven of his radio singles reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country charts, such as "Backside of Thirty," "Lady Lay Down," "In My Eyes," "Common Man," "I'm Only in It for the Love," "As Long as I'm Rockin' with You" and "Got My Heart Set on You."
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