Review: Phillip Phillips mesmerizes Jones Beach Theater on Long Island Special

Posted Aug 14, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
On August 13, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips performed a remarkable show at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh on Long Island.
Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips publicity photo
Phillips, who won the eleventh season of American Idol, opened for the acclaimed pop-rock group Goo Goo Dolls on their "Long Way Home" summer tour. "Hello," he said, introducing himself to his Jones Beach audience. "I'm Phillip Phillips. Let's have some fun!"
He kicked off his set with the mid-tempo "Where We Came From," where he was able to immerse his listeners in from the first chorus thanks to his harking voice. Phillips accompanied himself on acoustic guitar, and he was backed by his talented four-piece band.
The Georgia native switched guitars, from acoustic to electric, and immediately broke into his new song, "Don't Tell Me," which had a nonchalant vibe to it. "I'm Phillip Phillips. Hope you're having some fun," he said, prior to sharing that his set-list would include older songs and newer material. He noted that he has played at Jones Beach several times before, and praised the venue for being "awesome."
"It's good to be here," he admitted. "Thank you again for coming out," he said, effusively. He picked up the pace with his catchy single "Raging Fire," which he incorporated as a singalong. "You know this song. Help me out and sing this with me," he told his listeners.
"Thank you very much," he said, as the audience clapped, and he went on to sing yet another new song entitled "Magnetic," where his velvet vocals were reminiscent of such esteemed musicians as Dave Matthews meets John Mayer. "I hope you're liking the new songs," he said, and the answer was a resounding "yes" from the Long Island crowd.
He continued with the fan-favorite song of the evening, which was his American Idol coronation song, "Home." Most impressive about his acoustic rendition of "Home" tonight was that it featured a distinct instrumental ending, coupled with cello and guitars.
Equally fun was his new single, the infectious "Miles," which he played on his black electric guitar. Judging from his vivacious performance, "Miles" ought to be his next smash radio single on the Billboard charts. "I love you all too," he said, following the song's warm reception. "I hope you are having a good time!" he added.
He introduced his next song as a "love song," and one that the entire venue was familiar with, as they sang and danced along to "Gone, Gone, Gone." "Y'all, help me out," he said, midway through the tune, and it was a beautiful sight to see the fans singing "Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating" back to him, as they were simultaneously clapping along. "Yes!" Phillips exclaimed, in awe of the New York audience getting into this particular song.
"Give it up for these awesome guys," he said, and went on to introduce each and every band member on such instruments as bass, drums, lead guitar, as well as cello and keyboards. "I'm Phillip Phillips," he reiterated. "I hope you had a good time night. I love you," he said.
After a sip of water, he switched over from acoustic to electric guitar for the final time, to perform his closing tune, the rock song "My Name," where he was able to get the fans on their feet. "Everybody, stand up for this one," he said, and delivered a killer rendition of the upbeat song. "Thank you very much everybody," he concluded, and a fan handed him their phone, where he took a selfie of himself on stage, and handed it back to the fan, which was an added treat.
The Verdict
Overall, Phillip Phillips was terrific at the Jones Beach Theater in New York. He was able to warm up the stage for the Goo Goo Dolls, as he took his listeners on a journey with his music, ranging from older hits to soon-to-be hits. He showcased his tremendous talent and personality, which resonated well with the Long Island crowd, and he sang with heart and grace. His entire band shined as a whole, and he left his fans wanting to hear more. Phillips' live show at Jones Beach garnered an A+ rating.
His new single "Miles" is available on iTunes.