Mike DelGuidice discusses digital transformation of music Special

Posted Aug 13, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Mike DelGuidice, the lead singer and pianist of the Billy Joel tribute band Big Shot, sat down and chatted about the digital transformation of music.
Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot
Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot
Gary Hahn
He was stoked to be a part of the annual Big Shot Luau at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall, along with his talented band members: Carmine Giglio on keyboards, Mike Sorretino on drums, Ken Cino on lead guitar, and John Scarpulla on saxophone. "It's always exciting to be here for the Luau," he said, but he subsequently joked that he is not wearing his blue Luau shirt (the one that was advertised in the Mulcahy's flyer for the Luau event).
Regarding the digital transformation of the music industry, DelGuidice said, "Technology has taken money out of the pockets of people that are trying to sells albums, but at the same token, it is forcing people to play a little more and tour, so we are getting to see a lot of artists out there touring. Technology has changed the industry that way. I like what technology has done to the industry. You can do what you want now, and you can pray for the best."
DelGuidice admitted that he is an avid user of technology in his daily routine. "I need to have my iPhone attached to my hand at all times," he said. "It fills a lot of empty spots, but sometimes it gets in the way. It's a Catch-22."
On August 18, Big Shot will be returning to The Paramount in Huntington, for yet another headlining tribute show in honor of the "Piano Man" Billy Joel. "I'm very excited for The Paramount. It's a different kind of show, and it's always very nice," he said.
DelGuidice also took the time to remember the late Chester Bennington, the front-man of the rock group Linkin Park. "It's a God-awful tragedy. It is horrible that we can't enjoy his voice anymore," he said. "It's really sad."
To learn more about Big Shot and their touring dates, check out their official website.