Review: David Lorango charms on eponymous new country EP Special

Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer David Lorango has released his self-titled new EP independently on August 8. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Country singer David Lorango
Country singer David Lorango
Rocco Ceselin
Lorango's EP opens with the sonically moving "All in Already," which is comprised of strong melodies and smooth vocals. It is followed by the mid-tempo and nonchalant, "Kickin' Back," which has a liberating vibe to it, where the listener can recall Jake Owen. The ballad "Countin' on You" showcases his softer side.
"Turn On" is melodically reminiscent of Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley's radio hit "Flatiner," and the upbeat tune is a great deal of fun, due to the reverb on the chorus, and catchy instrumentation. The EP closes with "Real Woman," which simply put, is his response to Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road."
The Verdict
Overall, David Lorango shines on his brand new self-titled country EP. It is refreshing to hear new music from this underrated yet extremely gifted country singer-songwriter. All five songs on this EP are unique and solid. It is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners an A rating. Bravo.
David Lorango's new EP is available on iTunes and on Spotify.