Review: Joe Nichols sings 'Baby Got Back,' Sir Mix-a-Lot appears in video Special

Posted Aug 5, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Country star Joe Nichols has covered "Baby Got Back" on his new studio album "Never Gets Old," where he has given it a unique country twist.
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols publicity photo
Nichols has been performing "Baby Got Back" many years in his live shows, and it was an added treat to hear his cover on the new album, which is featured as a duet with comedian Darren Knight. It was produced by Mickey Jack Cones. Even more impressive is the new music video that he released for the song, which has gone viral, and rightfully so.
The video is hilarious and a great deal of fun, where hip hop sensation Sir Mix-a-Lot makes a cameo. In the video, Sir Mix-a-Lo is looking for cover bands to tackle "Baby Got Back," but remained unimpressed with most of them, up until Joe Nichols and his country band took the stage. He is instantly brought back to life and he finds himself singing along to Nichols.
The Verdict
Overall, Joe Nichols has earned Sir Mix-a-Lot's seal of approval with his honky-tonk cover of "Baby Got Back," and he was able to impress his fans and listeners all over America with his refreshing take on the 90's classic. It is filled with wit and twang. Nichols' rendition of "Baby Got Back" garners an A rating.
Never Gets Old is available on iTunes.