Review: Canaan Smith terrific at Stage 17 for NASH FM 94.7 show Special

Posted Jul 27, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
On July 26, country star Canaan Smith performed an intimate show at Stage 17 for New York's hit country radio station NASH FM 94.7.
Canaan Smith
Canaan Smith
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Smith was joined by fellow country singer-songwriter Easton Corbin, who put on an equally remarkable show.
Smith's set at Stage 17 included the fun drinking tune "Hole in a Bottle," and the mid-tempo "Stuck," which had nostalgic lyrics. Equally impressive was the upbeat new song "Great Minds Drink Alike," which resonated well with his fans. "Come Back to Virginia" had a bluesy, retro vibe to it.
For anybody who doubts as to whether or not his new single "Like You That Way" deserves to be his next chart-topping hit on country radio, all they need to see if his live performance at NASH FM, where he nailed it with his talented band members. Plus, it is the first country tune that makes an allusion to country princess Miranda Lambert, so how can Smith go wrong with that? This song went out to the ladies that have a mind of their own.
The fan-favorite moment of the afternoon was his live rendition of his No. 1 country single "Love You Like That," which was "sweeter than muscadine wine," in its acoustic fashion, to quote its song lyrics.
The Verdict
Canaan Smith is one of those artists who can do no wrong, no matter what he sings or performs. He always gives it his all in his live performances, and is able to entertain the audience. Smith is all heart and soul, and is able to form a strong connection with his fans thanks to his country storytelling. His vocals are raw and expressive, and he rocks in the best country way possible. Smith deserves to be the next big male country superstar (in the same league as Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw). Smith's live show for Stage 17 garnered five out of five stars.
Prior to this mini-concert, Smith took some time to chat with this journalist and answer a few questions. "It's amazing," he said, about performing at the new Stage 17. "New York City and country music should have happened a long time ago, and I'm glad it's popping right now, and I'm a part of it," he added.
On the digital transformation of the music industry, he said, "I've been watching documentaries, and because of personal computers and digital audio workstations, people can make records with less gear and not having to go to a studio. The band Boston made their first record with one guy in his basement. He played all the parts himself, recorded it in his basement, and taught the band how to play it before they hit the road. Those things are happening more and more these days, in the current culture of music and it's start to spill into country music too."
When asked how he uses technology, Smith responded, "I tinker at home. I like to record music in my house, and get ideas out in my head and on to a physical devise that I can listen to. We live in such an on-demand society, and it gives me the opportunity to make music faster."
Last week, "Like You That Way" entered the Top 60 on the Billboard Hot Country Airplay charts, at No. 59. "We were the hot shot debut, and we were very pumped about that," Smith said.