Hellenic News of America to celebrate 30 year anniversary GALA

Posted Jul 16, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
One of the largest Greek-American publications in the country, the Hellenic News of America, will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary this fall.
Paul Kotrotsios and the Hellenic News
Paul Kotrotsios and the Hellenic News
Paul Kotrotsios, Hellenic News
The 30th anniversary GALA will take place on November 12, 2017, at The Merion in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. This news outlet has been the guide and companion to the Hellenic community for three decades. It will feature a GALA and awards reception, with Greek singer Dimitris Basis, as well as Aphrodite Daniel and Orchestra.
Mr. Paul Kotrotsios serves as publisher and founder of the The Hellenic News of America, with Aphrodite Kotrosios as its co-publisher. They will donate the proceeds of the GALA to such charities as The Ronald McDonald House of New York (for the Greek division), the Greater Philadelphia Cancer Foundation, as well as the MAGAF Scholarship awards.
The 30th Hellenic News of America GALA will honor several outstanding Greek Americans for their contributions to the Greek-American society and the world. These will include Mike Pantelides, the mayor of Annapolis, Maryland, Dr. Marina Angel, a retired Temple law professor who has championed women’s rights, Nancy Papaioannou, the president of Atlantic Bank, New York Community Bank, Dr. Michael G. Papaioannou, deputy division chief at International Monetary Fund, philanthropist Eleni Bousis, doctor Thomas P. Phiambolis, as well as Greek-American journalist, reporter and editor Markos Papadatos.
The Hellenic News of America is constantly adapting to the changing new media environment, with an active presence on social media and the Internet. To learn more about the Hellenic News of America, check out its official homepage.