Review: Adam Lambert exceptional on new single 'Two Fux' Special

Posted Jul 3, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Grammy-nominated pop star Adam Lambert is back with his new single, the soaring "Two Fux," which was released on June 30 on Warner Bros. Records.
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
Easton Schirra
Lambert shared that his previous project was about the change. "This time I feel the strength of being exactly, unapologetically where I am. I'm standing my ground to inspire my fans to defy the status quo," Lambert posted about his new single, and rightfully so.
"One shot for my enemies, in the end it ain't that deep (It ain't that deep, girl), Imma get my inner peace, In leather (Ow!)," Lambert sings in the bridge.
This song is a smash hit when he performs it live with classic rock band Queen this summer on their North American tour.
"Two Fux" is available on iTunes.
The Verdict
Overall, Adam Lambert is exceptional on his new radio single "Two Fux." It has a liberating vibe to it, and it shows his "don't give a damn attitude," especially when it comes to his naysayers in life. Lambert pours his heart and soul in this performance, just like everything his does musically. Many listeners can relate to this song's empowering message. Well done Adam. His "Two Fux" single garners an A rating.