Man jailed for slapping Muslim teen with bacon

Posted Jun 30, 2017 by Owen Weldon
A man in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to jail after slapping a Muslim teen with bacon. The incident was captured on film.
A jail cell.
A jail cell.
Tim Yancey via morguefile
The man, 36-year-old Alex Chivers, walked up to the victim and called her "Isil scum" and shouted that she deserved this, right before he struck her with bacon.
As he carried out the assault, he was seen putting on a ski mask and a motorbike helmet so his face would be covered. He also had his mouth, chin and neck covered. However, police were still able to track him down using the footage.
Chivers' friend videotaped the incident. After Chivers confronted and struck the young lady, he took off running. The teen was also with her mother and both were wearing traditional Islamic dresses.
On Thursday, Chivers had his day in a London court. He was sentenced to six months in jail for the June 8 assault. Chivers admitted to racially-aggravated or religiously assault.
James Payne, a London detective, said other people were present during the attack. Payne continued to say the assault was shocking.
As for the person who filmed the incident, he is still at large and police are still searching for him. The victim wasn't injured, but she was left in distressed and she reported the incident on the day it occurred.