Jake Miller talks new album '2:00am in LA,' Chance the Rapper Special

Posted Jun 24, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Singer-songwriter Jake Miller chatted with Digital Journal about his new album "2:00am in LA," which he released independently, as well as his future plans.
Jake Miller
Jake Miller
Mark Singerman
"The album just came out, and it went to No. 1. I wrote all the lyrics and I produced all the beats. I'm so proud of it. I've never been so proud of a project before," he said. "I took a quick break from rapping, and I learned how to sing a little bit more. I pushed the lyrics and learned how to play piano. I'm trying to become an overall great musician, that's just my goal. The more I can learn the better."
When asked if he was going for a certain theme with this album, he said, "It's been a pretty emotional six months for me. I was definitely a little bit more vulnerable on this album, talking about break-ups, over-thinking too much, and meeting new people. I feel it's an album that people can relate to. It's things that everyday people go through."
He listed "Palm Blvd" as his favorite song on the album. "It's about my street that I grew up on," he said. "I just shot a music video for it, and it's really special. The song is about the craziness in Hollywood, and growing up and my career, and never forgetting where I'm from, and never forgetting my roots. It's about my family, friends and childhood. I wrote and produced the whole song from my bedroom, and I directed and edited the music video."
On his plans for the future, he said, "To put out more music than I've ever done before, and tour more than I've ever toured. That's really all I can ask for. This is my dream, and I'm living my dream right now."
He listed Kendrick Lamar and three-time Grammy winner Chance The Rapper as his dream collaboration choices.
Miller's album is available on iTunes by clicking here. "Thank you to the fans for always sticking with me no matter what. I hope they love the album, and thanks for getting it to No. 1 on iTunes on the first night that it came out. I'm so excited to see them on tour," he concluded. "The tour is going to be the best tour yet."
For more information on Jake Miller, check out his official website, and Facebook page.