Interview: Jana Kramer talks fitness, acting, family and music Special

Posted Jun 5, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Actress ("One Tree Hill") and country music star Jana Kramer chatted with Digital Journal about her future plans and partnership with U by Kotex Fitness at Walmart.
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer publicity photo
Kramer teamed up with U by Kotex Fitness at Walmart to help consumers make sure nothing gets in the way of exercising, including self-doubt, or fear, or being on her period. "I am so excited. It is committed to making things when it comes to periods and period experiences," she said. "I love, love working out and it's always been hard when I was on my period, cause I never felt like I was secure in that department, but U by Kotex Fitness flexes with you. It's affordable and it is really neat. It's a game changer, and I never want my period to hold me back."
The actress and songstress opened up about how she fitness into her busy routine, in an effort to feel confident on the red carpet and beyond.
Kramer noted that her gym bag is made up of water, boxing gloves, resistance bands, a protein bar, and an apple or a banana. "I also have a little piece of chocolate, since I have a sweet tooth," she said. "I don't really carry clutches because I will usually lose them since they are so small. I'm used to big, over-sized bags."
Her favorite on-the-go workouts include kickboxing, hiking and a ton of lunges. "I just love being outside. I grew up in Michigan, so we lived outside in my childhood," she said.
Each day, Kramer is motivated by her daughter, Jolie. "She is definitely the reason I work as I hard as I do. I want to be able to provide for her and support her. I love to work hard for her, and for her future," she said.
When asked how she balances a family life and a music career, she said, "It's very hard to juggle it all, but I've gotten the hang of it now. I'm moving back to Los Angeles, and I'm getting more into acting. I'm still doing music, but I'm doing it more my way now."
Her single "I Got The Boy" was a smash hit for Kramer, and it was certified platinum. "That was a big song for me. It was about my high school sweetheart. It ended up becoming a lot of other people's stories. I was very happy about that one."
She listed "Circles" as her personal favorite song of hers. "I love that song," she admitted, prior to listing Adam Levine from Maroon 5 as her dream male duet choice in music.
For her fans, Kramer concluded, "Thank you for being there with me through all the ups and downs and for always being so supportive."
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