Taylor Momsen discusses new radio single 'Back to the River' Special

Posted May 15, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Taylor Momsen, the front-woman of The Pretty Reckless, chatted with Digital Journal about their new single "Back to the River."
Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless
Andrew Lipovsky
This single is a collaboration with guitar virtuoso Warren Haynes from Gov't Mule "That was a dream come true. We had this southern rock tune called 'Back to the River' and Ben, our guitar player, brought up his name, since it needed a superior guitar solo. So, we called him up and he said 'yes.' He was on the road at the time, so we actually hadn't met in person, but he sent back his track. Honestly, he elevated the song to an entirely new level, so thank you Warren."
The Pretty Reckless secured four No. 1 singles (where they set records for having the first female-fronted band to have chart-topping singles in a row), and they are back with their new single, "Back to the River." "That was wild," she said, with a sweet laugh. "I still haven't really wrapped my head around it. It's a very strange feeling. It's very rewarding and I'm very thankful that people have actually listened to our music and have liked it."
The last time this milestone was accomplished was back in 1984, over 30 years ago, with Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders. "That was surreal and a massive compliment. Obviously, The Pretenders are amazing, so it's not a bad place to be in," she said.
Each day, Momsen is motivated by her love for music. "Music is my life, and the reason I want to wake up every morning. To get on stage and scream into a microphone every night, and call it a job, and write songs for a living. When people actually hear the songs, care about the songs and sing them back to you, it is amazing," she said.
Regarding her plans for the future, she said, "Keep on keepin' on. My goal as a musician is quality and longevity. I'm trying to continue to get better individually and as a band, and to write better songs and to keep growing as an artist. That's why rock and roll is my calling. It is the ultimate freedom, because there really is no limitations when it comes to writing songs. Rock and roll encompasses everything: it stems from the blues, but it's jazz, hip hop, folk, pop and country. As a writer, it is very liberating to be in a genre that puts no limitations on you."
She had nothing but the kindest words for Alter Bridge front-man Myles Kennedy. "Myles Kennedy is fantastic. We've been playing a lot of festivals with his band. He is such a good guy and such a great singer."
For her dedicated rock fans, she concluded, "Thank you. I'd still be making music without, because I wouldn't know who I'd be without making music. Thank you for listening and thank you for coming to our shows and for buying our records. You're allowing me to live out my dream as my actual career, so thank you."
To learn more about The Pretty Reckless, check out their official website and Facebook page.