Review: EC Twins put on upbeat live show at Lavo in New York City Special

Posted May 8, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
On May 6, electronic duo EC Twins returned to Lavo Nightclub in New York City, where they played a set for a sold-out venue.
EC Twins
EC Twins
Photo supplied by EC Twins, used with permission.
They took over the DJ booth at 1 a.m. and it was great to hear the EC Twins perform their new material such as "Always," as well as popular tracks and remixes by other global music stars. They had the crowd with them every step of the way. Allister and Marc Blackham knew how to get the fans to put their hands up in the air.
EC Twins
EC Twins
EC Twins cover art
Last year, Digital Journal proclaimed them as the "best live DJs in electronic dance music," and rightfully so. They have great musical chemistry together, and they manage to feed off each other's energy.
The Verdict
Overall, the EC Twins were able to put on a high-octane concert in New York as always. It is evident that they were born to play this genre of music. The only downside was that the venue was way too overcrowded, and it was annoying to get pushed and shoved repeatedly due to a lack of space. Other than that, music-wise it was uplifting house music and a great deal of fun.
To learn more about EC Twins, check out their official website and on Facebook.